Reef Knot

September 1948

Email Received 9th March 2014

From Gerald Martyn (Son of Captain Edward Martyn)

I've attached some selected scans from the S A Saint Line magazine Reef Knot, as mentioned previously. I've only scanned pages I think would perhaps be of interest to a wider range of people.

The rest of the magazine is fairly lightweight and gossipy without adding much to the fund on Saint Line knowledge. The scans are double page and you will probably want to cut some things out.

Pages 16-17 have only one item of interest so far as I can see; the prosecution of four men for theft from the St Jessica. In 1948 large tins of beef would certainly have been a welcome supplement to the rationing back home, so the object of the theft is not too surprising. I've only scanned the whole page to keep it in context.

Interesting to see Tommy Roberts as 1st Officer on St Ina. He went on to command several B&C ships after the disposal of Saint Line.

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