Diana Coleman

Now Hayden

Email received 1 Dec 2014

Served: 1969 - 1972


Edinburgh Castle

Except for my first trip which was a short cruise to the Canary Islands

I remained on the Edinburgh - 27,000 tons of oceanic splendour - none of us really wanted to go to other ships! the Edinburgh was small enough that the crew was well known to all of us.

I had previously lived in Cape Town where my father had been serving in the Royal Navy in 1964 on the staff of the Commander in Chief, South Atlantic and whilst I had journeyed out there on an RFA, the Asturias, an ammunition carrying support ship, I travelled home on the Edinburgh Castle.

Amazing that I eventually joined her as a Purser's Clerk and I recall that one or two Engineers were still there who had been on board when I was a passenger!

With a three-yearly Pursers Reunion held in Southampton attended still by many from all departments, the memory is still very much there!

Now living in Portsmouth.

Diana with Peter Archer

 "Edinburgh Castle", Cape Town

Diana with Mike Hackett and Mike Fletcher, pursers.

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