Raymond Stuart Schooling

From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

1945 – 55 – Clan Line Steamers Ltd London

1955 – Brocks Stevedoring Co Durban as Stevedore Foreman and John T. Renie & Sons Durban as Cargo Supervisor.

1955 – 91 – South African Railways & Harbours. From Tug Mate to Port Captain and Senior Port Captain S.A> Harbour Service. Sent overseas during this period for various training courses.

1964 – Lieutenant S.A. Navy (C.F.)

1969 – Lieutenant Commander S.A. Navy (C.F.)

1962 – 1972 – G.B.O.B.A. Hon Secretary

1972 – 76 – Vice Chairman and Chairman G.B.O.B.A.

1989 – 92 – President, Society of Master Mariners S.A.

1990 – 93 – Director, National Sea Rescue Institute.

John Chard Decoration, John Chard Medal & S.A. Medal for War Services.

Deceased 07/08/2003

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