Stephen Bayman

From the General Botha Old Boys Association Muster List

1961 – 63, Cadet with Clan Line.

1963 – 66, sailed as Third and Second Officer with Sugar Line Ltd.

1966 – 68, second Officer with Safmarine.

1968 – 69, Chief Officer with Marine Diamond Corporation.

1969 – 70, Master with SAB Lines.

1970 – 71 Chief Officer with S.A. Harbours (tugs).

1971 – 75 Managing Director, Ship Delivery Ltd.

Thereafter has gained 18 years oilfield experience consisting of 8 years on Jack-ups as Master/Barge Engineer, Jack Man, Rig Mover and Towmaster. 10 years on semi submersibles and Derrick Barges as Master, Barge Engineer, Tow Master, Rig Mover and O.I.M.

Presently (1994) Master/OIM/PIC NAN HAI 6.

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