Capt. Mike Zugg

As Staff Commander on Edinburgh Castle

Full Name

Michael John Zugg

Discharge Book Number




Your Rank/Rating

Midshipman to Master, then Marine Superintendent, Cape Town


Athlone Castle 1952

LlangibbyCastle 1952-53

Rustenburg Castle 1953

Roxburgh Casrle 1953-54

Richmond Castle 1954

Tintagel Castle 1954-55

Rhodesia Castle 1955-59

Carnarvon Castle 1959

Riebeeck Castle 1959, 1961-1962

Rowallan Castle 1960

Tantallon Castle 1960-61, 1962-1963

Stirling Castle 1963

Rotherwick Castle1963-64

Transvaal Castle 1964

Clan MacGowan 1967

Clan MacLennan 1967

Reina Del Mar 1967-68

Edinburgh castle 1968-69

Elizabeth Bowater 1969

King Malcolm 1969-70

Clan MacGregor 1970

Clan MacTaggart 1970

Marine Superintendent, Cape Town. 1970-1976.

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