FINLAND was built in 1886 by McMillan & Son at Dumbarton with a tonnage of 1363grt, a length of 230ft 6in, a beam of 33ft and a service speed of 10 knots.

She was built as the Cape Merchant for the Cape & Natal Merchant's Line but was purchased by Donald Currie who gave her a '' name as she was deployed on coastal trading. Castle names were only given to ships trading out of the United Kingdom.

On 26th April 1887, during a voyage from Cape Town to Mauritius she ran aground 16 miles east of Kowie River, without loss of life, and was a total loss.

Aground near the Kowie River

Wrecked between Kleinemonde & Great Fish Point on 26th April 1887 while on a voyage from Cape Town to Mauritius, with a full general cargo including machinery for the goldfields and a box containing 2,000 sovereigns to pay the Army.

No lives were lost & all the cargo was saved.

Commanded by Captain J Freebody.

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