John Theed Baker

e-mail 5/06/07

I believe you are adding the names of ex employees of Union-Castle to your website.  My father, John Theed Baker, worked for many years in different parts of Southern Africa for Union-Castle.  Let me know what information you would like and I will see if I can look it up in my records.

Susan Hamilton

e-mail 30/09/07

My father, John Theed Baker ended his 43 year career as Managing Director and on the Board of Directors for Renfreight (Union-Castle merged a number of times Freightmarine merging into what became Renfreight) in 1989 in Durban, South Africa.  During his long climb up corporate ladder he started as an apprentice working for Union-Castle and was manager at several levels in East London, Durban and before that in Dar es Salem, Tanzania. He also worked In Johannesburg and also in Britain in the London office.  My mother, Elizabeth aided him in everything he did, often tirelessly entertaining at home all sorts of people from retired ships captains to other members of Union-Castle staff.  They travelled extensively and often to Europe and Japan.

Susan Hamilton

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