Kinnaird Castle

KINNAIRD CASTLE was built in 1956 by Greenock Dockyard at Greenock with a tonnage of 7718grt, a length of 502ft 10ins, a beam of 65ft 10in and a service speed of 16 knots. She was launched on 17th January 1956 as the Clan Ross (3).

In 1961 she was transferred to Safmarine and renamed South African Scientist but in the following year reverted to Clan Line and renamed Kinnaird Castle for Union-Castle operations.

During 1969 registered ownership was transferred to King Line Ltd, without a change of name. In October 1975 she was sold to Dasonab Nav. S.A. of Panama and renamed Nazeer. She continued in service until 26th April 1978 when she arrived at Gadani Beach and broken up.

This picture must date from the time of her transfer from being South African Scientist to Kinnaird Castle.

The hull has been painted in Union-Castle black but her upperworks remain in Safmarine colours.

She is flying the Red Ensign

From Clansman June 1975

From B&C Review August 1966

From B&C Review April 1967

From B&C Review February 1967



Years in Service


Kinnaird Castle


ex- Clan Ross, ex- South African Scientist, renamed Kinnaird Castle,

1962 reverted to Clan Line,

1969 transferred to King Line,

1975 sold to Panama, renamed Nazeer.


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