Kinpurnie Castle (1)

KINPURNIE CASTLE (1) was built in 1954 by Greenock Dockyard at Greenock with a tonnage of 8121grt, a length of 512ft 7ins, a beam of 66ft 4in and a service speed of 16 knots.

She was launched for Clan Line as the Clan Stewart and entered service in February 1954.

In 1961 she was transferred to the South African Marine Corp. (Safmarine) and renamed South African Sculptor.

In the following year, after the Round Africa service was discontinued, she was transferred to Union-Castle but managed by Clan Line and renamed Kinpurnie Castle.

She was sold to Astro Firme S. A. of Panama in 1967 and renamed Hellenic Med.

She served with them for a further eleven years until 15th March 1978 when she arrived for demolition at Gadani Beach.

Cadet Training



Years in Service


Kinpurnie Castle (1)


ex- Clan Stewart, ex- South African Sculptor,

1961 transferred from Safmarine (S.A Marine Corp) renamed Kinpurnie Castle,

1967 sold to Panama, renamed Hellenic Med.


From B&C Review April 1966

Life After Union-Castle Line

As Hellenic Med

As a Cadet Ship

Life Before Union-Castle Line

As South African Sculptor

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