Transvaal Castle

TRANSVAAL CASTLE was built in 1961 by John Brown & Co. (Clydebank) Ltd at Clydebank with a tonnage of 32697grt, a length of 760ft 2in, a beam of 90ft 2in and a service speed of 22.5 knots.

When launched, on 17th January 1961, she was described as an Hotel-Class Ship with eleven fare grades ranging from de luxe suites to ordinary berths and carried forty stewardettes.

Operating on the mail run she was never as popular as either the Pendennis Castle or Windsor Castle.

On 1st January 1966 she was transferred to the South African Marine Corp (UK) Ltd of London, renamed S.A. Vaal, but maintaining the Red Ensign, Union-Castle crew and management, and the same route.

From B&C Review  December 1961

From B&C Review  April 1963

Transvaal Castle arriving and dry-docking at Falmouth after sea trials.

She sailed from here to Southampton to enter service

From B&C Review  February 1962

Farewell Dinner

Transvaal Castle

 Italian – born Frank Camarda has been painting and illustrating for over a half century.

Love of art and passion for ocean liners started at a very young age, dating back to 1954,

when he and his family made a transatlantic voyage aboard the Andrea Doria.

Mr. Camarda’s work has been exhibited in personal and public showings.

His oil paintings and drawings have found homes in private collections worldwide.



Years in Service


Transvaal Castle


1966 transferred to South African Marine Corp.,

renamed S.A. Vaal,

1977 sold to Carnival Cruise Line, Miami, renamed Festivale.


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