Scirocco Universal

O.N. 384224. 7,933g. 4,046n. 9,000d. 154.01(BB) x 22.56 x 8.502 metres oa.

8-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (680 x 1250mm) Sulzer 8RND68M type engine made by the shipbuilder. 15,200 BHP. 21 kts., later reduced to 18½ kts., and later still to 16 kts.

5.3.1979: Keel laid by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Hiroshima (Yard No. 319), for Kildare Ltd., Bermuda.

6.6.1979: Launched.

12.10.1979: Completed.

1983: Cayzer, Irvine Shipping Ltd., appointed as managers.

1988: Managers restyled as CI Shipping Ltd.

1992: Pellmore Ltd, later restyled as CI-SAF Shipping Ltd. appointed as managers. (50:50 CI Shipping & Safmarine).

1993: Managers restyled as London Ship Managers Ltd.

1997: Renamed CURICO (same managers).

29.7.2003: Beached at Alang for demolition.

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