Glynn Williams

Recently came across this group and as I am currently a member of a

similar group of ex BI types and enjoy it very much thought I would

join this one.

I joined B&C with a brand new 2nd Mates ticket in 1962 and sailed on

many of their ships until I came ashore in 1967. I sailed as 4/O, X3/

O, 3/O,X2/O and 2/O on the Capetown, Edinburgh, Braemar, Windsor

Castles, Reina del Mar, Clan Fraser, Clan McClennan and Alice Bowater

and many other B&C on relief. I will attempt to find my discharge book

if anyone needs dates.

Look forward to hearing from old shipmates and swinging the lamp.

Regards to all

Glynn Williams

Ouray, Colorado


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