Jack Towler

Jack Towler lives in Aberdeen Scotland and currently works on North Sea oil rigs. Jack was a Chief Electrician with Union Castle Line for 22 years.

He was privileged to be able to sail on both the last voyage from South Africa to Southampton as well as the delivery voyage of the Margarita L to her new owners in  Piraeus Greece.

My farewell voyage from Table Bay Harbour on the beautiful Windsor Castle was a sad one for me and all Officers and Crew.

For even as a young lad of 16 when first starting my apprenticeship as an electrician in a shipyard, my thoughts and dreams were to serve on a passenger ship. Glad to say all my ‘ships’ came in for me.

On the return of the Windsor Castle to the UK, a few Officers were asked to attend a meeting with a view to assisting the Windsor Castle to her new owner, Mr. John Latsis in Piraeus.

I was allowed to bring my wife Lynne along on the delivery voyage, upon docking in Piraeus we were taken to a five star hotel in Athens where Mr Latsis gave us a memorable 10-day holiday, which more than showed his gratitude.

Perhaps in the near future we will see the return of the Windsor Castle to the UK where she belongs, for many should be able to take in the beauty of this fine ship and enjoy the Windsor Castle once more.

Aboard Windsor Castle in 1970

From B&C Review  June 1965

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