Robert Page


Kinnaird Castle  1967

Coastal to Dry Dock North Shields  as a Cadet ship  Liverpool  via Scapa Flow to North Shields

Clan McTavish  1968 – 1969  

Heavy lift 90 tonnes sugar Boilers  for Mauritius , London Hamburg Lobito Cape Town Durban , Dar El Salam , Mauritius  Mombasa , Tanga  Beira  , Dar el Salam Durban , Cape Town , Walvis Bay  Cadiz  Marseilles  Barcelona   Livorno Genoa Barcelona  Gibraltar Las Palmas . :Lobito,Walvis Bay , Cape Town , East London , Durban , Dar E Salam , Mombassa  Tanga  Beira Durban Port Elizabeth Cape Town Walvis Bay  London wit a full cargo of Fish Meal

Clan Mactaggart

To Mombasa  Ship went to Shanghai for scrap

King Alexander

To London , deck cargo elephants and water buffalo as Junior Engineer

Clan Alpine


Pendennis Castle

to 1972

Clan Macindoe

to 1973

Worked by all the Mail Ships and Clan R ships in Southampton as temporary attachment to shore squad

Cadet South Shields College  1966 -1967  and 1969

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Rob died on 27 May 2020 after contracting Covid-19 while in hospital

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