Reginald John Wynter

Transcript of article in B&C Review, February 1969

Mr. Reginald John Wynter, purser of Edinburgh Castle for many years, has retired after 30 years in the purser's staff in Union-Castle passenger vessels.   John Wynter, whose father was a chaplain in London Docks, joined Union-Castle in February 1938.   His first appointment was as assistant purser Dunnottar Castle and he served in various intermediate and mail vessels, including the Warwick Castle when she was torpedoed in 1943.   He was promoted second purser, Pretoria Castle, in September 1948 and purser Llanstephan Castle in November 1949.   He later joined Bloemfontein Castle and Stirling Castle before transferring to his last vessel.

His sense of humour gained him many friends both among the travelling public and his colleagues ashore and afloat.  He is known as a good sportsman, and it is hoped his retirement will afford him time to pursue his interests.   We wish him well on his retirement.


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