Arthur Wigham

Arthur was the antithesis to Charlie Lorains!   Whilst Charlie was the tramp ship man in the wrong shoes, Arthur was a passenger ship man from a tramp ship family. His father and brothers were all Bank Line, they couldn't understand Arthur's defection for a life of sanded decks and white tropical shoes!

I sailed with Arthur when he was 3rd mate on the "Winchester Castle", a more pleasant fellow officer it would be hard to meet. When he joined the Company with a master's ticket he had accepted that he would remain in the rank of 3rd of a mail ship until those with lesser certificates but senior in service caught up with him, meaning he would be a 3rd mate for many years.   As things turned out because of the high rate of resignations in the 60's Arthur managed to reach the rank of Staff Commander before the inevitable happened.  Does anyone know him?   I would love to be able to complete his story.


John White, John (Tiny) Taylor, Mike Hooper

???, Peter Williams, Arthur Wigham

'Athlone Castle' 1958

From B&C Review February 1960

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