Frank Glass

Known with great affection throughout the Company as 'Snowball', seeing his snow white hair requires no more explanation.   Frank Glass was a messenger based in the Union-Castle Line Dock Office which was Built when the Victoria Dock WAS Cape Town's port, which explains why it found itself 'out in the sticks' once Duncan Dock was in use.   Then a much smaller office was opened for the cargo department at 'A' berth in Duncan Dock.

'Snowball's beat was between the ships, these two offices and with the occasional foray to Adderley Street where the Company's Head Office for South Africa was, the building is still there but today only the name reminds you of its origins.

Over the years Frank got to know everyone in the Company, I think just as my father lived for the Mail Ships so Frank lived for the Company.   Always laughing, he could put a junior officer in his place with ease, but would do anything he could to help him at the same time.

Mr. Glass died in 1960


From B&C Review  October 1960

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