Carnarvon Castle (1)

CARNARVON CASTLE (1) was built in 1867 by Barclay, Currie & Co. at Glasgow as a three masted ship with a tonnage of 1200grt, a length of 229ft, and a beam of 36ft 2in.

Similar to the Stirling Castle she was the first Currie ship to be registered in London as opposed to Liverpool. She was sold to Sinclair & Ellwood in 1889 and they operated her as 'Sailing Ship Carnarvon Castle Co.'

In 1897 she was sold to Flugge, Johannsen & Libinus of Hamlburg who renamed her Nurnburg. By 1906 she was under the ownership of Sven, O Stray of Christiansand with the same name and was finally abandoned at sea in January 1910.

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