Horace Pierpoint

GUILDFORD CASTLE        FROM 12.8.1925 TO  22.10.1926         SALOON BOY (4 VOYAGES

BRATTON CASTLE             FROM 14.12.1926 TO 19.12.1926       ASSISTANT STEWARD

GLOUCESTER CASTLE    FROM 26.1.1927 TO 4.8.1927              ASSISTANT STEWARD

ANTONIA                        FROM AUG. 1927 TO OCT. 1927         3RD CLASS STEWARD

BRATTON CASTLE             FROM 24.3.1928 TO 1.8.1928              ASSISTANT STEWARD

DURHAM CASTLE               FROM 5.9.1928 TO 25.2.1929             ASSISTANT STEWARD  (2 VOYAGES)

DROMORE CASTLE            FROM 11.4.1929 TO 15.2.1931           ENGINEERS STEWARD (3 VOYAGES)

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