Rupert Packham

E-MAIL 18th February 2009

Dear Owen

I am not sure if you can point me in the right direction on this attempted nostalgic journey.

Rupert Packham I believe was a purser on the Union Castle -Line Dunbar Castle 1936-38.

He I believe was born in Surbiton Surrey and I think he had a brother Jack

He was a close friend in the 30,s of my Mother Ethel Violet Alexander who died last April 2008 aged 92 years.

His name is mentioned in some letters dating back to late 1930's and I would very much appreciate if it might be possible to locate any descendents he may have.It is doubtful he would still be alive.

kind regards.

Victor Alexander


Email 14.12.2009

By chance I came across Mr Alexander's request for more information. I am the son of Rupert Packham. He was on the Dunbar Castle up to when it was mined off Deal.

Other mentioned details are correct.  Sadly he is no longer with us but would be happy to liaise or converse with him and therefore am happy for you to give my e-mail address to him. Or if you prefer, act as go between. Alternatively, my mob number is 07880715927

Thank you for this opportunity


Stewart Packham (ex crew Warwick Castle, Kenya Castle, Rhodesia Castle and Pendennis Castle. as William J S Packham)


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