John Miller

I joined Nina Bowater on 1st November 1965 as a Catering Boy and stayed on her until 12th January 1968. By then I was 2nd Steward. I did the last voyage on Sarah Bowater to New York where she was sold and the crew flown home.

I then went to other group ships; Rustenburg Castle, Rothesay Castle, Phyllis Bowater, Nina Bowater, Rothesay Castle, King Malcolm, King Arthur, Rothesay Castle, Richmond Castle, Riebeeck Castle, King James, Rotherwick Castle, Clan MacGillivray and lastly Clan Matheson.

The main joy of being with B&C was whatever ship you were on, you always knew somebody and the company always did us proud.

I do have a log of arrival and departure dates of all the ships I was on and the many ports we visited.

Does anyone have the email address of Catering Boy /Assistant Steward John Miller who wrote the voyage schedules of Nina Bowater from 1965?

Thank you

Andrew C Meiklejohn

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