Capt. James Disraeli Kerridge


The names of the following have been

brought to notice by the Secretary of State for

War for valuable services rendered on the occasion

of the sinking or damage by enemy action

of Military Hospital -Ships and Transports: —

Capt. Gilbert Berry (Transport " Norseman").

Capt. Edward Weatherstone Day (Hospital Ship " Glenart Castle ").

Capt. William Edward Pontet (Hospital Ship " Lanfranc ").

Capt. John Barry Whitton (Hospital Ship "Goorkha").

Capt. John Vyvyan Watson-Black (Hospital Ship " Galeka").

Ch. Offr. Robert Henderson Homer (Hospital Ship " Anglia").

Ch. Offr. James Disraeli Kerridge (Hospital Ship " Glenart Castle ").

Ch. Offr. Geoffrey Handfield Purcell (Hospital Ship " Lanfranc ").

Ch. Ofifr. Sidney Godolphin Symons (Hospital Ship " Goorkha").

1st Offr. Hugh Wilson Douglas Wilson (Hospital Ship "Galeka").

3rd Offr. Matthew Henry Williams (Hospital Ship " Galeka").

Hd. Saloon Std. George Thomas (Hospital Ship " Lanfranc ").

2nd Std. Henry Welsh (Hospital Ship " Galeka ").

1st Cook J. L. Griffin {Hospital Ship " Lanfranc").

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