William Samuel Hagan


Seniority date 2/1943 (P.Paine & B&C Review)

Staff Com'r "Pretoria Castle" April  1965

Email from John Taylor  4.09.08

Greetings ,

Very interested to find your Web Site, I was with Union-Castle from January 1952.

Capetown Castle finishing up 2nd mate on Althone Castle March 1958 very happy ship Captain Page, Chief Officer Boom Boom Kendra, First Officer Sammy Hagan,

enclose attached photo of the Four O,Clock Deck tennis and occasional pint of Maceens during that period would be delighted to hear from any old friends and ship mates on the above email address. I am in regular touch with Jimmy Mac and see Arthur Wigham at Union-Castle dos in Southampton.

Kind regards John Taylor (Tiny)

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