Eric C Harvey

Email  14th June 2009

My father's sailed originally with Clan Line and then Union-Castle. He was an officer working through the ranks, and I believe sailed on the "Capetown Castle", "Reina Del Mar", and definitely "Edinburgh Castle", the "Pendennis Castle", and sadly died suddenly on the "S.S. Oranje" at the young age of 41years.

I would be grateful if you could place his name on Shipmates, he is already listed on the Crew Lists.

Yours faithfully

Carol Harvey

Email 3rd July 2009

Hi Owen,

After discussion with my mum, she feels just a simple listing on Shipmates would be fine. As she feels my dad died so many years ago now, and are there many people out there who remember him.

He trained in Glasgow, his home town, at what is now known as Strathclyde University, as a Master Mariner.

I have not seen his Discharge books, but he sailed with Clan Line and then to Union-Castle.

My particular memories are of the fabulous boxes of Cape fruit that used to come home with him.   And the strangest story was when we had moved to Troon on the Clyde coast in the very early 70's, my dad returned after 6 weeks away, either from the Pendennis Castle or the SA. Oranje, and on that passage, lo and behold became our new next door neighbours, the Clissers, who were returning to Britain to live.

My mums greatest memories are of the Edinburgh Castle, when we in 1969, when my 3 sisters and I stayed at our aunt and uncles, for 6 weeks allowing mum to travel with dad for that time, I know she had an absolute ball, and cherishes that time.

Sadly my father died suddenly while, reportedly doing the Gay Gordons, while on board the SA Oranje and was buried at sea, somewhere in the Atlantic Drift.

So Owen, I would be grateful, if next time I click onto the register I will be able to see his name.

Yours faithfully

Carol Harvey

PS he was about 5ft 8in, dark haired, permanently sun tanned, good looking with wicked scottish sense of humour, a bit of a perfectionist and a hard task master.

From B&C Review  September 1959

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