Ian McKendrick

I have just come across your site.

My name is Ian McKendrick and I served as a Deck Officer from about 1962 to 1972 on several UC vessels. I was in Stirling, Edinburgh, Pendennis and finally 2nd Mate in Windsor Castle.

I remember Sammy Hagan, R.A.D. Cambridge, Lemmy Curd, Dennis France, Keith Parker, Paddy Sheridan ( I see my name in 1962 on the officers' list in his diary), Reg Kelso, Danny Robson, Stan Harron, Bill McIntosh (R/O), Louis Bartripp, Eric Talbot, Dickie Olden, Peter Crabtree (what happened to him?), Mike Banbury, Capt Hort. Also several of the female staff. Others will no doubt come to mind.

Fond memories.

Congratulations on setting up your site.


Ian McKendrick.

Hello Owen,

I was only in Walvis Bay once and that was on "Pendennis Castle" where I was Third Mate ca 1965. I remember that Reg Kelso, Staff Commander and Danny Robson, Chief Officer were concerned about delivering some furniture (I think it was furniture) for a former U/C man who was working there. After reading your notes I am wondering if that delivery was for you?

To add to those I remember there are "Dixie" Dean (2/O), John Howell (J/2/O), Colin Speary (Chief Catering), Owen Parry Williams and Peter (?) Dimmock (both Chief Pursers).

I gave most of my Union-Castle/ B&C memorabilia to the Transport Museum, here in Glasgow, many years ago but still have a few bits and pieces left which I will have to look out. I also have all my correspondence to and from the Company starting in 1959.


Email 09/06/07

Hello Owen,

These might be of interest.

As far as the grounding of the "Pendennis" at Calshot is concerned I was Third Mate and on the bridge at the time keeping the Bridge Book. I have searched high and low for the front page of the newspaper but cannot find it. Reg Kelso was Staff Commander and Danny Robson the Chief Officer.

From the sunny north,



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