Jim Archbold

E-mail 29/10/2006

Delighted to see your Register! I joined U-C in 1952 after obtaining my 2nd Mate's Certificate.I was 4th on the Llanstephan Castle and voyaged in her to the breakers yard in Newport Feb 1952.

I Joined Edinburgh Castle as 4th Officer in April'52.  Subsequently Durban Castle 4th Officer 1952., Rowallan Castle 1953 3rd and 2nd officer, Roxburgh Castle 1953-1954. 2nd Officer, .Obtained 1st Mate Feb 1955 and served as 3rd Officer on Capetown Castle from Feb 1955 to May 1956.  Extra 2nd Officer on Dunnottar Castle from 1956 to 1957., 2nd Officer Arundel Castle April 1957 to Sept 1957

(Married Sep 57),

2nd Officer Kenya Castle from Nov 1957 to Jan 1958 .  I left the sea in 1958 and emigrated to South Africa,.


Jim Archbold.

30th. September 2007

Whilst visiting Cape Town in August I had the pleasure attending the lunch organised by Dudley Ellam for the 'old guard', British & Commonwealth people from ashore and afloat to remember the last sailing of the "S.A. Vaal".   I sat next to Jim and we must have bored to tears those around us with our "do you remember old so and so" stories.   But it was great to meet someone who until that time I knew only as an e-mail address, Jim was very much senior to me in the Company.  


Email 9th March 2010

Dear Owen

This is Richard Archbold – Jim’s son a short note to let you know that Dad passed away suddenly on Feb 14th in Cape Town.



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