Capt W B Dyer

Very little is known about Captain Dyer, please go to "Galway Castle" for a full account of the loss of his ship.

Captain Dyer's next command was again to land him in hot water, and again nothing of his doing.

From Mailships of the Union-Castle Line p.65 by C.J. Harris & Brian D Ingpen:-

.................... However, the onset of the new era was slightly marred for Union-Castle by an embarrassing incident that occurred in 1919.   

General J.B.M. Hertzog, the South African opposition leader, and several supporters were to travel to Britain aboard the substitute mailship Durham Castle  to hold talks with the British Government concerning South African independence.   

Incited by opponents of Hertzog, the crew refused to sail with him on board, and it was only after protracted negotiations that they finally agreed to continue the voyage.   

The master of the "Durham Castle" was poor old Dyer!

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